Public Speakers, Experts And Professionals Are Exceptional Teachers, Coaches And Even Superior Salespeople . . . HOWEVER, They Find Advertising, Digital Marketing And Lead Generation To Be Extremely Difficult!

By Eric Louviere

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I once got the opportunity to attend a workshop in Vegas where many of the top speakers, authors and gurus flew-in to learn from each other.  Everyone at this private event was extremely successful.

I mean, there were plenty of superstars, movie producers and famous celebrities walking around as attendees.  (I was a little star struck at first)

I was one of the few “digital marketers” there and boy did I stick out like a sore thumb.  At my table was a billionaire, a movie producer, a real estate investing infomercial star, and a personal development star from the movie “The Secret”.  (Yep, I attracted all this)

Now get this, the person hosting the star-studded event had us all do this “speed-dating” type of networking where we each got to spend around 5 minutes with each other – and then quickly shift to the next person, and so on.

(Basically, I’d sit down in front of you until the host yelled “shift” and then I’d move over one seat to sit in front of the next person to your right.)

The first question each one of these gurus usually asked me was, “what do you do?” (I think it was obvious I wasn’t a star like Paula Abdul or Tony Robbins — who were both there at this event)

I’d explain to them I was an online marketer and I was very strong at driving traffic and converting that traffic into cash income. Each and every single one of them would grill-me to find out MORE about how I could help them get traffic and leads online.

I don’t want to name names, but one superstar (world known) did not let me leave to the next person when the host yelled “Shift!” He kept asking me to help him. He explained to me how he was great at selling on stage and on TV or radio, but he did not know how to get traffic online and neither did his team.

It was a big weakness for him and he was quite determined to nail-me-down to helping him. He explained how he closes over 20% of a room on very expensive coaching programs and how he can bank six figures in an hour from stage.

Yet, when it came to getting daily traffic or leads online . . . plus connecting all the dots with web sites, landing pages and so on . . . he was totally lost (as well as his team).

Next, I remember a lady who appeared in a very popular movie (Ok it was “The Secret”) . . . and she also would not let me leave my seat to shift to the next person to network with. She started out quite rude to me (she did not like this speed dating exercise), but quickly changed her tune when she realized how badly she needed online marketing help.  She explained how she earns her money by speaking on stage and sending people to the back of the room to buy.  Imagine if she simply got leads online from the comfort of her home, in her pajamas, sipping coffee instead of flying all over the world and eating hotel food every day!

I mean, one star after the next wanted my help.

When I got back to my office, I counted-up all the revenue I earned from attending that event, and it was over $450,000 from one weekend in Vegas.

That was years ago and fast-forward to today, and I’ve found that most of these top gurus, speakers and coaches are extremely good at what they do. They are often teachers at heart, performers and incredible salespeople.

These people can charm and inspire people naturally, and they are magical at changing lives! They were born to teach, lead, inspire, transform and change people’s lives! It’s a Blessing, or a spiritual gift!

However — They are WEAK at driving traffic, generating targeted leads, and setting the entire thing up properly. It’s not their thing! They would much rather teach or speak or coach, then to drive traffic or mess around with Advertising or web pages.

Does this sound like YOU? If so, keep reading…

Listen — after 10+ years of doing this — I can tell you about 85% of people like you (who are great at what you do) are weak at online marketing. If that’s you, then you should realize how much income you are leaving on the table . . . plus, you should realize how hard you might be working.  Getting leads online can be just what the doctor ordered for your business, your income and your peace of mind.  If this article is speaking to you and you feel like I KNOW you, it’s because I’ve been helping people like you for a decade.  You need leads and an online system that pre-frames your leads… and you need all this done for you!

Here Are The 3 Main Things You Need To Focus On:

  1. You need to start driving traffic and leads from Facebook Advertising.

FB (Facebook) is where everyone and their grandmothers are at. Your prospects are hanging out on Facebook for hours each day! With Google, most people search for what they want and are quickly OFF of Google in seconds. Not so with Facebook. Heck, I see people checking Facebook at the stoplights in the car next to me here in Austin!

Also, more importantly, FB allows you to really dig-in deep and laser target your most ideal clients! You can even make sure they are affluent or have major credit cards, and only advertise to them. I have one client who only targets the zip codes where Whole Foods is at (because those are affluent people who live near Whole Foods for example).

The key here is you have to know what you are doing. When done right, oh… oh… it’s life changing to get daily, ideal leads coming in.

If you want me to give you a free “Battle Plan” on how to get tons of ideal-leads on FB (for your specific niche), just fill out this form here and we can have a quick chat for free.

The next thing to do is:

  1. Get your landing pages, squeeze pages, splash pages and sites DIALED-IN for conversions!

It’s not good enough to merely get traffic. You must also convert that traffic into dollars (customers). This is an area most people royally fail at.

Most people out there try and send traffic straight to their website, or straight to an opt in… and lately there’s been a big trend to send people to a webinar registration page (good luck with that, it’ll cost a fortune to kick off)

There’s a better way and we’ve found that most of the world is not so interested in “being sold” on social media. Duh. What they want instead is to be taught (what you do best right?) and to be entertained. They want stories and information and entertainment.

So, give it to them.

This will radically increase your following, your fans, your engagement and your CONVERSIONS! We’ve got this down to a science. It’s been tested to death and I can tell you right here and right now . . . people are tired of being sold and advertised to.

However — people are NOT tired of learning, being entertained, gaining information and they are not tired of being fascinated with what you teach or are an expert at!

Therefore, send “laser targeted” and IDEAL prospects to pages and sites that inform, teach, entertain and fascinate your prospects! Then, after you get them interested . . . it’s THEIR idea to buy.

Oh, they’d much rather buy than be sold to. This works like a charm.

Ok, the next thing you need to so is:

  1. Convert your traffic and leads into INCOME!

I’ve seen this for over 12 years now… people get traffic and leads but then don’t have a clue what to do with the subscribers, followers, fans and prospects. They might even be good at “selling” but for some reason, turning leads from the Internet into cash is a struggle.

Listen, it’s very easy to close people who are raising their hands and asking for help! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel when your prospects are HUNTING YOU DOWN, instead of you hunting them down.

Be the hunted, instead of the hunter.

We do this for our clients by “pre-framing” their prospects/leads. We implement a system that “warms-up” the leads so they are already foaming at the mouth to learn more!

Basically, this is a science but once we implement it for you, you become the hunted. They chase you down wanting to buy… instead of you chasing after them (selling!). make sense?

Basically, we warm them up, pre-frame them and get them fascinated about you and your solutions to their problems (whatever it is you are an expert at). Then, since they are warmed-up already, getting them to buy is a breeze.

…Like taking candy from a baby.

It’s exciting stuff and we’ve got 10-12 years worth of experience implementing these methods.

If you want to discover more about how this can work for you, I can walk you through the system and answer any questions you have.

Schedule a 1on1 Battle Plan session with me by clicking on this link

The Battle Plan call is a 20-40 minute call where you and I will create a custom blueprint showing you exactly how to get more ideal leads.

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Eric Louviere

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