There are two buckets or categories of coaches and consultants…

1 — Those who are urgently in need of — and who want — more revenue now!


2 — Those who are putting everything off until later on down the road, to eventually, one day, eventually, at some point, eventually, some day in the future, get ready… to finally… get ready… to eventually… be ready to possibly some day… eventually… be ready to get more revenue now.


Which of the two above do you think succeed wildly… and which category of coaches just never achieves their goals and dreams?

Now, this should be a massive breakthrough for you if you allow it to be and own what I’m saying here. Listen, after 11 years of coaching people just like you, I can clearly and undeniably say, with pure authority, I see TWO types of coaches and one of these categories almost always ends up failing.

People who put things off until the distant future never achieve. It takes having a “NOW” mentality. No… scratch that… it takes having a:

Yesterday mentality…!

…In that, “I should have done this by yesterday” is how you should feel. You should feel like you are in a hurry, with urgency and that success is your mission, and that you are behind, with time running out!

Otherwise, you are too comfortable. #ComfortZone

If you currently live a six figure lifestyle and life is nice and comfy… with bills paid easily and two nice cars and a big house, piano lessons and golf memberships… then perhaps there is no urgency… or emergency… to do this new stuff NOW!

My friend, this is the biggest goal killer and success destroyer I see often.

Well, that and lack mentality but that’s another post for another day.

Are you ready to do things now… and when would NOW be a good time?

…Or do you lack the urgency and ‘jagged edge’ to make it happen right this… now!

Take your goals and move them closer!  Don’t think of accomplishing something 8 months from now, or 2 years from now… think about what you can do to move that goal up to 60 days from now or 90 days!  I see coaches who say they want to reach a hefty six figure income in six months to a year.

Why not reach six figures in 60 days or less!?  Why not move that goal up closer and do it now!?  Why delay and put off until next year, or eventually some day?  that’s the mentality that loses.  Have a champion attitude and go for massive breakthroughs NOW!  Not later, Now!

Right Now!

Eric J. Louviere